GARR TOOL Website Update

Like what you see? We do too!

We’re so excited to launch our new website.

Let us tell you our thought process behind our website makeover: As a leading manufacturer of high performance solid carbide tools, we take pride in being accessible and helpful to our national and international distributors and end users alike. So we’ve been busy rebuilding it from the ground up to better serve you.

We reached out to Troy, Michigan-based Basso to help us do just that. We’ve made our products easier to browse and created better access to helpful resources. In order to better communicate with our distributors and end users, we also will provide useful, helpful, and relevant posts on our blog page (What’s New tab).

Another great thing about this new platform is that we can keep building on it. We’ll be continually refining the site to make it the best possible experience for you.

Please take a minute to browse through our bigger and better website, and keep up with us and the latest trends in the cutting tool industry by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Let us know any feedback you have, from the website or anything else, by clicking here.

As always, you can reach us at 989-463-6171 or for more information or to place an order.


-GARR TOOL Web Development Team


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