A Legacy of High Quality Backed by Personalized Service

GARR TOOL began as a one-man company in 1944, but grew quickly due to its quality products and friendly, reliable, and efficient service.

Today, we are the nation’s top manufacturer of high-performance solid carbide cutting tools, all 100% made in the United States. Distributors can be found in 35 countries, and end users worldwide trust and take pride in products that come from GARR TOOL. Our customers appreciate the fact that we carry a large inventory of our products in stock, resulting in an unprecedented turnaround time for orders.

An ISO 9001:2015-certified company, GARR TOOL produces 14,000 tools a day at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Alma, Michigan, with a focus on end mills, drills, reamers, and routers.

And we do it all with heart. We are a part of the community and genuinely care about our employees, distributors, and customers. That hometown pride that we had from Day One is still with us today, and we aim to instill the same values in each and every one of our employees.

Quality products backed by our ingenuity, integrity, sincerity, excellent customer service, work ethics, and personal values. It’s what others simply cannot give you, and it’s why you can trust GARR TOOL each and every time.


No matter your industry, you need dependable, high-quality machinery to drive you forward. We get that, and it’s why we aim to create tools that enable you to achieve the results you need for success every single day.


GARR TOOL sets the standard when it comes to high performance tools.  GARR manufactures the highest quality carbide cutting tools with competitive prices and unparalleled customer service.


Industries and markets we serve include aerospace, oil and gas, medical, automotive, mold making, and mining. Materials our tools are used to machine include aluminum, titanium, high nickel alloy, stainless steel, and hardened tool steels.


Our current 200,000-square-foot facility features a clean, efficient production space, and our state-of-the-art CNC grinding equipment is run by experienced, conscientious operators. Our quality tools ensure that individuals in a variety of industries around the world can work as efficiently, quickly, and safely as possible. We are also well-known for having a large inventory in stock, allowing for a quick turnaround time for purchases.


All of this and more is why people are proud to use tools that carry our name.

our history

At GARR TOOL, our goal is your success.

We work to provide you with high performing, quality products that enable you to accomplish all you need to do with ease and efficiency.

It all began with one person, and our commitment to you is what has led to our continued growth.

What began as a one-person regrinding company in 1944 has become one of the premiere carbide cutting tool manufacturers in the country and worldwide. Loyal customers who value the superior products and one-on-one customer service have been a major factor in GARR TOOL’s continued success.

Today, GARR TOOL has approximately 150 employees, distributors in 35 countries, a 200,000-square-foot building, and a distribution center in the UK. Throughout all the changes and transformations, at least one founding principle has endured and will carry on: that of integrity.


Fred Leppien begins GARR TOOL as a regional regrind tool company in his garage in Saginaw, later relocating to a building in the nearby area. He names the company after his wife and daughters: Gertrude, Aleta, Rosemary, and Roberta.


Clarence Leppien joins his brother to become a partner in the business.


Fred’s son, John Leppien, joins the company.


After being based in several different locations in central Michigan, GARR TOOL moves into a 5,000-square-foot building at its current location, 7800 N. Alger Road in Alma.

Late 1970s

GARR TOOL products are now sold internationally.


John Leppien becomes the president of the company. As the company evolves into one of the top tool manufacturers in the state, 6,500 square feet of space are added to the original building.


GARR TOOL changes its sales channel from selling fully direct to the end user to selling through industrial distributors.


GARR TOOL acquires its first CNC machine, becoming one of the first businesses in the industry with this capability.

1986 and on

GARR TOOL continues to take its place as one of the top carbide cutting tool manufacturers in the nation.


An additional 24,000 square feet are added to the property.


Current Vice President John Leppien II joins the company.

1990s - 2000s

The number of employees, distributors, product lines, and sales continues to grow. Newer technology is implemented where appropriate.


A total of 55,000 square feet of space are added in four phases.


Current Vice President Jeff Leppien joins his father and brother in the business.


The property grows by an additional 45,000 square feet.


The Oerlikon Balzers in-house coating center is added.


The property is expanded by another 14,000 square feet.


UK Warehouse opens, April 2015


The most recent 30,000 square feet are added.


More than 14,000 tools are made per day in GARR TOOL’s state-of-the-art tool manufacturing facility in Alma, which now measures approximately 200,000 square feet. GARR produces and ships high performance end mills, drills, reamers, and other styles of carbide cutting tools from the location in Alma and the distribution center in the UK. Approximately 150 people are employed at GARR TOOL. Products are sold in virtually every state and region in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and GARR has distributors in approximately 35 countries outside of North America.


We at GARR TOOL feel privileged every day to be a part of our central Michigan community, and we take our stewardship responsibilities seriously. We aim to educate, inspire, and have fun by giving back through volunteerism and by working with young adults interested in pursuing a career in the tool manufacturing industry.

  • We open up our facility several times a year for scheduled tours.
  • We collaborate with the Central Michigan Manufacturers Association to provide school-to-work technical education resources.
  • We regularly host blood drives for the American Red Cross.
  • We support machining classes and other industry-related programs at colleges and technical schools nationwide.

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When our inside and outside sales teams are asked, GARR TOOL customer service is always at or near the top. Always quick to respond with a clear understanding of the urgency involved. -Distribution Company Manager
GARR TOOL is a fantastic place to work, with competitive wages, outstanding benefits, and family values. We manufacture quality tools consistently. We don’t just offer a manufacturing job; it’s a career! -Manager at GARR TOOL
I love the speed and feed info in the back of the book. I use it on a daily basis. GARR cutters perform outstanding and are usually about 10% cheaper than the competitors. We can always get our GARR tooling within 2 days from our local distributor. -CNC Programmer / Machinist
Customers have confidence when using GARR TOOL. They know the quality and performance of the tool will be there, and they appreciate the level of service and pricing they receive. -Distribution Company Vendor Management / Sales Development
I was directed to GARR TOOL by a customer 34 years ago. Solid carbide tooling was very new to the industry at that time. It was obvious that carbide would soon replace HSS and Cobalt tooling. We were very impressed with GARR TOOL’s product offering. GARR TOOL was the type of company we wanted to partner with: quality products along with honest and trustworthy people. That remains the same today as well! -Distribution Company Vice President

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