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To ensure their longevity and functionality, GARR TOOL regrinds its own tools*.

PLEASE NOTE: All regrinds are handled through one of our Authorized Distributors.

Once received, tools will be inspected. GARR TOOL will then submit the quote for approval before any work is started (unless enclosed PO states to proceed). The paperwork must specify how tools are to be reground and if they are to be re-coated. If tools are to be reground with specifications different from the original, it must be noted on the packing list. End users who send in tools should specify the Authorized Distributor (and a Salesman from the Authorized Distributor) from whom they wish to receive invoicing.

Tools must be properly packed in a box with correct packing materials. Do not use foam peanuts, and the maximum box weight is 25 pounds. If tools are not packaged correctly, we reserve the right to return the package to you.

For larger orders, tools should be bundled or packed in smaller boxes inside the main box. Use enough packing in the box to prevent damage or shifting.


Additional facts and parameters regarding tool regrinding services:

  • The term regrind, resharpen, or recondition means to regrind the end and o.d. (end mills).
    • Only the ends are reconditioned on reamers and drills.
  • End only means grind end only (do not grind o.d.).
  • O.D. only means grind o.d. only (do not regrind the end of the tool).
  • The term “as needed” = GARR TOOL’s discretion.
  • The minimum diameter or flute length must be specified. If not, it will be up to GARR TOOL’s discretion.
  • GARR TOOL recommends the diameter of an end mill to be reground a maximum of 10% below the original diameter.
  • Reground end mills will be ground within .002” TIR (exception: altered flats).
  • Scrap tools will be returned with the tools that are reground unless otherwise noted.
  • The HSAL Series (142M, 143M, 143R or 142B) and 242M series will have a ground o.d. margin.
  • The Series VRX will have a standard conventional o.d. relief.
  • End mills 3/16” and 5mm are end only regrinds – no o.d. work.
  • Containers or cases used for shipping tools will not be returned unless requested.
  • Plugged coolant hole drills will be reground only – not re-coated.
  • We do not regrind “o.d. only” on radius or ball nose end mills.
  • Hog mills or roughers with a corner radius cannot be reground
  • We do not PCT regrinds
  • Reground tools may not equal new tool performance due to changes in tool geometries and dimensions.


*GARR TOOL does not regrind the following series or types of tools:

  • Competitors’ tools
  • GARR TOOL Series V4 or V5 at less than 5/8” diameter
  • Diamond coated tools (diamond coated tools may result in damage to other tools in your order and could result in additional charges)
  • Countersinks
  • Solid carbide end mills under 3/16” diameter
  • Solid carbide drills under 5/32” diameter
  • Die mold cutters below 6mm diameter (Series 350MX / 950MX / H45)

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I love the speed and feed info in the back of the book. I use it on a daily basis. GARR cutters perform outstanding and are usually about 10% cheaper than the competitors. We can always get our GARR tooling within 2 days from our local distributor. -CNC Programmer / Machinist
When our inside and outside sales teams are asked, GARR TOOL customer service is always at or near the top. Always quick to respond with a clear understanding of the urgency involved. -Distribution Company Manager
Customers have confidence when using GARR TOOL. They know the quality and performance of the tool will be there, and they appreciate the level of service and pricing they receive. -Distribution Company Vendor Management / Sales Development
I was directed to GARR TOOL by a customer 34 years ago. Solid carbide tooling was very new to the industry at that time. It was obvious that carbide would soon replace HSS and Cobalt tooling. We were very impressed with GARR TOOL’s product offering. GARR TOOL was the type of company we wanted to partner with: quality products along with honest and trustworthy people. That remains the same today as well! -Distribution Company Vice President
GARR TOOL is a fantastic place to work, with competitive wages, outstanding benefits, and family values. We manufacture quality tools consistently. We don’t just offer a manufacturing job; it’s a career! -Manager at GARR TOOL

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