The VX-7 Series end mill 7-flute series has been engineered for High Efficiency/Trochoidal Milling.

The needs of today’s manufacturing world are always evolving, and the new 7-flute VX-7 Series from GARR TOOL has been engineered to meet them. Designed for High Efficiency Milling/Trochoidal Milling and paired with a next generation coating, this tooling has increased lubricity and wear resistance in materials such as Titanium (high temp alloys), stainless steels, and tool steels. As an added bonus, our VX-7 Series is noticeably quieter than the competition; the difference can be heard at first cut.

  • 7-Flute End Mill
  • AlCrN-Based Coating
  • Solid submicron grain carbide end mill – non-center cutting
  • Engineered for Dynamic Milling
  • Multiple flutes for increased feed rates
  • Staggered flute geometry
  • PCT (Polish Carbide Treatment) enhances tool life
  • Up to 15% Radial (ae) engagement


PLEASE NOTE: As with any new tool release, delivery can take up to 3-4 weeks for first orders.

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